Our Pipe Band is officially a member of the McCallum-Malcolm clan.



Passionate by the Scottish culture and music, we decided to wear the “Ancient MacCALLUM” tartan.

This choice was confirmed by the presence of our band member Chantal Willborn, spiritual granddaughter of  Robert MacCALLUM (from North Carolina, USA). He became a member of honour of our association by the way.

1529962_736436773076011_8036592397050327397_oOur tartan “Ancient MacCALLUM” is the original MacCALLUM clan tartan. It is composed of green, light blue and black. The colours are based on the ones of the ancient CAMPBELL tartan and the evolution and variation of the colours were made in the course of the time, depending on the local dye available.

The principal family apparently lived in COLOGIN, in the south of the town of OBAN. An old tradition tells that the Chief had 12 sons and resisted the efforts of a local laird’s wife to entice one away. She therefore put an evil spell on them and there were only three left alive. The father, fearing for their safety, sent them out southwards from home, having loaded their belongings on a horse. His sons settled down in KILMARTIN near LOCHGILPHEAD and made their homes there and to this day there are McCallum families in this area.


Duntrune Castle




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